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Link Global Solution Inc. (“LGS”) supports the globalization of businesses from the perspective of human resource development and organizational development. Through the effective use of “Maps”?frameworks that enable users to grasp and understand differences when encountering individuals or organizations from different cultures or with different values?LGS aids in the improvement of the intercultural communication abilities of expatriate personnel and global staff, the sharing of corporate philosophies at and organizational development of overseas affiliates, and the resolution of issues related to intercultural communication among businesses. When deploying these services, the safe management of information assets, including personal information, is a key issue for LGS, and LGS recognizes this to be one of its social responsibilities. Toward this objective, our officers and employees approach the appropriate handling of personal information based on the following personal information protection policy.

LGS complies with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other standards concerning the handling of personal information when managing personal information used in all of its businesses (including personal information subject to disclosure) and the personal information of its employees and others. Moreover, LGS protects personal information through the formulation of a personal information protection management system that is compliant with “Personal Information Protection Management Systems?Requirements” of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Q15001).

When acquiring and using personal information, LGS will specify the purpose of its use, handle the information in an appropriate manner within the scope required to achieve such purpose, and will not handle personal information beyond the scope required to achieve the specified purpose of use (i.e., any use other than for intended purposes). Furthermore, LGS will adopt appropriate management measures to prevent use other than for intended purposes. LGS will use lawful and fair means to acquire personal information.

LGS will not provide personal information it has acquired to a third party unless it has obtained the consent of the individual concerned or such provision conforms to laws and regulations.

LGS will make it possible for individuals who have provided personal information to be appropriately involved when that information is obtained, used or provided. Furthermore, when complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information are received, LGS will promptly investigate the facts with respect to the details thereof, and will respond in good faith within a reasonable amount of time. LGS will take organizational, human, physical and technological safety countermeasures when managing personal information, and will work to prevent and rectify any leak, loss of, or damage to personal information.

LGS will establish a management system to protect personal information and will conduct ongoing revisions to ensure its operation.

Enacted: August 31, 2016
Akira Isshiki, President and Chief Executive Officer
Link Global Solution Inc.

Handling of Personal Information:
1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
LGS uses personal information within the scope required for the services listed below and to achieve the intended purposes listed below.

(1) Service details
(i) Services concerning business administration
(ii) Services concerning recruiting, training, etc., of business organizations and groups
(iii) Services concerning educational institutions
(iv) Services concerning member organizations for corporations
(v) Services concerning individual career support

(2) Purpose of use
(i) In an event such as where another business, etc., wholly or partially delegates personal information processing, for the appropriate and smooth execution of the relevant delegated operations
(ii) For recruiting support
(iii) For paid job placement operations
(iv) To carry out surveys at seminars, lectures and the like held by LGS
(v) For the screening of candidates for employment by LGS
(vi) For employee employment management
(vii) In order to carry out clerical work related to the Individual Number system*
(viii) For the provision of various types of information such as e-mail newsletters

* Clerical work related to the Individual Number system refers to the clerical work of obtaining resident record codes from LGS employees, shareholders, outside experts and others, stating such record codes in required documents such as earned income tax withholding certificates, wage payment statements, and notices of acquisition of qualification for health insurance and pension insurance, and submitting such documents to the district director of the tax office, head of the local government, the Japan Pension Service or other party pursuant to the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.”

2. Procedures for Disclosure, Corrections, etc.
LGS accepts requests from individuals to disclose their personal information that is subject to disclosure, to inform them of its intended purpose, to make corrections, etc., where, inter alia, the details of personal information that is subject to disclosure are not true, to discontinue use, etc., and to discontinue provision to third parties (“Disclosure, etc.”). Please inquire with the following point of contact for the specific procedure for making a Disclosure, etc. request.

3. Inquiries and Complaints Concerning Handling of Personal Information
Please submit inquiries or complaints concerning the handling of personal information by LGS to the following point of contact.
Please submit questions, complaints, or inquiries concerning the Privacy Policy to the following point of contact.

Link Global Solution Inc.
Supervisor of Protection of Personal Information