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The following is a sampling of the diverse range of workshops we offer to support businesses in their efforts to maximize efficiency and productivity in the world of global business.

Intercultural Communication (IC) Series

Our IC-series workshops provide participants with the means and insight to realize effective communication across different cultures. The workshops employ cultural frameworks, called “maps,” that enable users to navigate new cultural situations by indicating their current cultural “location” relative to the desired “destination,” and then make an informed decision about whether and how to adjust.

IC training for domestic employees

Designed for organizations with a multicultural workforce, this workshop supports effective communication by enabling participants to gain a mutual understanding of tendencies regarding values and approaches to communication. Participants learn how to map out gaps based on heightened levels of objectivity and then consider how to effectively close those gaps.

Pre-departure IC training for expatriate employees

Pre-departure IC training provides participants with the essential intercultural communication skills and knowledge to perform effectively soon upon arrival at overseas postings. As part of the workshop, for instance, they consider how to explain their missions and their companies’ values.

Intercultural Skills Series

Intercultural skills are a must to achieve results in cross-border business environments. Our intercultural skills workshops provide participants with the skills and know-how to excel in situations where performance counts, ensuring the development of these capabilities through repeated practical training.

Intercultural presentation skills

Through this workshop, participants can acquire the skills and competence required to deliver presentations that are persuasive and compelling in accordance with the cultural context of the target audience. Workshop content focuses not only on the “conclusion-development-conclusion” presentation structure, a structure that ensures presentations will make a lasting impression, but also on essential physical skills to engage listeners, such as eye contact, vocal skills, and gestures.

Intercultural meeting-management skills

One business situation in which differences between cultures can be most pronounced is meetings. To ensure that meetings proceed smoothly and achieve their objectives, participants must be able to understand and employ the best-suited communication style based on the purpose of the meeting and the members in attendance. The skills taught in this workshop are designed to make possible meetings that are engaging, efficient, and productive.

Intercultural email writing

Convenient, quick and efficient, email is by far the most predominant means of communication used in business today. But the very qualities that make it expedient are also the reasons why email communication can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Workshop participants will learn proven approaches to preparing emails that convey information and requests clearly and concisely, supporting constructive working relationships with colleagues, business partners, and other key stakeholders.

Global Mindset Series

When engaging in business across cultures, differences—some obvious and some not so obvious—can pose challenges in achieving results. While the advantages of cultural and individual diversity in realizing positive business outcomes are well documented, facilitating smooth human interactions in such settings requires that these differences be understood and managed. Our global mindset workshops enable participants to attain the proper frame of mind to make the most of culturally diverse business opportunities.

Global business mindset

This workshop prepares participants to effectively fulfill their business potential when working with people from other cultural backgrounds. By experiencing firsthand essential global business principles, they will gain insight and perspectives to develop the global mindset necessary to successfully navigate situations unique to the global business landscape.

Global leader mindset

This workshop focuses on what it means to be a leader in today’s global business climate, a climate marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Participants are provided with essential insight to develop the mindset needed to effectively lead individuals and organizations in the pursuit and achievement of various goals and objectives.

Diversity communication

Getting results in work environments that combine people from different cultural backgrounds and with different worldviews and values requires essential communication skills and the proper mindset. This workshop provides participants with the means to maximize their potential, as well as the potential of others, in diverse workplaces and business situations.