Link Global Solution Inc.



Engagement—this is a term that is often used when discussing the type of relationships that corporations should aim for with their individual employees. And when working to build such relationships within the highly diverse, highly complex world of global business, it is essential to maintain a cross-cultural communication perspective that objectively views the distance between yourself and others with the goal of bridging this divide, and link this with the know-how to collectively motivate a diverse group of individuals to maximize organizational effectiveness. These two crucial points are areas that Link Global Solution has long cultivated; it is where our expertise lies.

As markets become increasingly global in nature, products and services have ever shorter lifespans, becoming obsolete at an accelerated pace, and this has resulted in a shift in competitive advantage to those people and organizations capable of achieving change and creating new value. That is why it is important for any company striving to succeed on the global business stage to continue being the organization of choice among both internal and external human resources, and to be an organization that creates new value through the effective use of human resources.

For those who work on the global business stage as well, demand is high for individuals capable of consistently performing in labor markets that are becoming increasingly borderless and attracting a diverse workforce, as well as for individuals who display leadership skills that aggregate differences to deliver organizational results and create new value.

To date, we have acquired extensive experience addressing many of the challenges that Japanese companies face, particularly cross-cultural issues, globalization-related problems, and challenges in training human resources able to excel on the global stage. We, too, have experienced firsthand the difficulties involved in achieving management that collectively links the diverse motivations of individual employees to organizational performance, and struggled with the creation of engagement that alternately selects organizations and individuals in order to refine our highly effective, highly reproducible real-world solutions.

I’m not talking about excessively pursuing short-term profits or taking a reductionist approach to viewing things. I believe that aiming to achieve sustainable prosperity by valuing long-term perspectives and relationships, qualities that reflect the essence of Japanese companies, is the approach that companies should adopt the world over. We will continue doing our best to create as many success stories as possible within the world of global business featuring Japanese businesses that realize engagement between the company and its employees on the road to sustainability and growth.